furnace replacement in Greenville, SC

Recognize When It’s Time To Replace Your Furnace

January 29, 2022

Making sure your furnace is up to the task of keeping things cozy when temperatures drop is essential for your comfort when the temperatures dip during the winter months. Keeping an eye on the condition of your furnace and scheduling regular maintenance can help you to avoid unexpected breakdowns this year and every year. Here are three key signs that your furnace is due for replacement soon.

Your Heating Costs Are Going Up

If your heating bills are going through the roof, it could be a sign that a furnace replacement is likely in the near future. ENERGY STAR notes that sudden or unexpected increases in your utility bills are often a sign that your furnace is on its last legs and may not keep things warm inside your home or business.

Your Furnace Is More Than 15 Years Old

If your furnace is over 15 years old, it will not perform as efficiently as newer furnaces available on the market. Scheduling a furnace replacement can help you to save money on your heating bills this year and for many years to come. If you are planning to install a new furnace, you may also want to consider adding a programmable thermostat to increase your control over your heating bills and your indoor comfort this year.

Your Indoor Spaces Are Too Cold

If your heating system cannot keep your indoor areas warm, it is probably time to schedule professional HVAC services from your local heating and cooling company. By entrusting your system to local NATE-certified HVAC technicians, you can determine if a furnace replacement is necessary or if you can resolve issues with cold spots through airflow balancing or other methods.

At Sanders Sanders Home Comfort Solutions Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer an array of heating and cooling solutions that will help you stay warm throughout the winter months in Greenville, South Carolina, and the surrounding communities. If you are looking for furnace replacement and repair services you can depend on, give us a call today. The NATE-certified technicians on our team will be happy to provide you with reliable and professional HVAC services that suit your budget and your schedule.

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