furnace ignition in Easley, SC

It’s Crucial that Your Furnace’s Electronic Ignition Works Properly

November 17, 2020

Furnaces made in the past five to 10 years often feature electronic ignitions. Some of these ignitions have a hot surface that ignites the gas. According to the Department of Energy, electronic ignitions operate more efficiently than furnaces with permanent pilot lights. A problem with the furnace ignition can lead to a disruption of your comfort and pose a threat to your safety, which is why it needs to work properly. Consider these signs of a problem with your furnace’s electronic ignition in Easley, SC.

Irregular Heating Cycles

Malfunctioning electronic furnace ignitions often cause irregular heating cycles. A heating cycle may get cut short if the current stops flowing through the filament in the hot surface ignition bulb. If the filament is drawing too much current, the furnace’s safety system will automatically turn it off. These safety systems won’t allow a new heating cycle to begin for at least 60 seconds. If your furnace turns on for a short time, turns off, and turns on again a minute or two later, this is short cycling, and it requires a prompt repair.

Limited or No Heat

A problem with the relay or limiting switch could turn off the electronic igniter too early. If the ignition can’t maintain an electrical charge, it won’t get hot enough to heat the gas. No combustion means no heat. This could cause the blower to keep blowing room-temperature air through your vents. You’ll feel a chilly breeze, and your home’s temperature will drop.

Furnace Shuts Down

Your furnace is outfitted with a safety system. A failing ignition won’t allow the combustion chamber to reach the right temperature, so this safety system kicks in and turns off the furnace’s gas supply. If you’ve verified that your furnace has power and the thermostat settings are correct, a failed electronic ignition is a likely cause of a furnace that won’t turn on.

To learn more about why your furnace’s electronic ignition needs to work properly, take a look at Sanders Home Comfort Solutions Heating & Air’s heating repair services, or contact us today.

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