Ductless Mini-Splits in Greer, SC

Ductless Multi-Splits Offer Agile HVAC Solutions

March 10, 2020

Have you been told that a traditional HVAC system isn’t a practical option for your Greer, SC home? Does the complex layout of your home make consistent heating and cooling a struggle? Whatever your needs, ductless multi-splits can help you achieve the results you deserve.

Heating and Cooling Where You Need It Most

At their most basic, ductless HVAC systems require only an outdoor compressor unit and one or more indoor air handler units. Air handlers can be mounted to most floors, walls, and ceilings, allowing you to install them nearly anywhere. Each unit directly heats and cools the space in which it’s located, effectively eliminating issues with poor airflow and lost energy.

Ductless Multi-Splits Offer Customized Comfort

If you’ve ever argued over control of your home’s thermostat, you know that comfort is a very subjective thing. What feels comfortable to one person may feel positively sweltering to another. With ductless multi-splits, everyone in your home can keep their personal spaces just the way they like them. That’s because multi-split systems divide your home into distinct zones, each of which can be controlled individually. This kind of flexible control also makes it simple to correct temperature imbalances and eliminate persistent hot or cold spots.

Take Command of Your Climate Control System

Keeping a home comfortable can be costly, so why pay more to condition spaces you aren’t using? A multi-split HVAC system allows you to take far greater control over the energy you spend. Keeping the heating and cooling to a minimum in rooms that are rarely occupied can save a bundle of cash. To save even more, maximize your efficiency without impacting your comfort by combining your multi-split system with a smart thermostat.

Every home is unique, which means that every homeowner deserves heating and cooling solutions that are tailored to their needs. To see what you can achieve with < HREF="https://sandershomecomfortsolutions.com/services/ductless-ac">ductless multi-splits, call Sanders Home Comfort Solutions Heating & Air for quality HVAC equipment and friendly, knowledgeable service.

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