Heat Pump Replacement in Simpsonville, SC

Do I Need to Replace My Heat Pump in Simpsonville, SC?

December 23, 2021

Determining whether you need to replace your heat pump or not can be problematic. Nobody wants to spend money unnecessarily but knowing when to replace your heat pump can help save you money on extensive repairs and high utility costs due to declining system efficiency. Keep reading for several signs that your heat pump needs a replacement in Simpsonville, SC.

1. Heat Pump Runs Nearly Constantly

Heat pumps operate in cycles. They turn on when the thermostat prompts them to do so, then they turn off once they cool or heat your home. If the system doesn’t follow this cycle, it’s not working properly.

A profession al service technician can help you determine the cause of this issue and explain your options. One potential reason is that your equipment is not the correct size for your home. If this is the case, replacing the system is probably your best course of action.

2. Your Home is Uncomfortable

As your heat pump ages, it will gradually become less efficient and effective. If your home lacks enough warmth during winter, it could be a sign you need to replace your heat pump.

New heat pump models are compatible with smart thermostats and offer a wealth of features along with enhanced efficiency. A brand-new heat pump can help make your home feel more comfortable right away while also giving you greater control over your equipment.

3. Strange Noises

Some additional noise is common when your heat pump is starting up or shutting down. However, if your system makes banging or grinding sounds during its cycle, that is a sign your heat pump needs attention. A qualified technician will inspect the problem and confirm whether your system needs maintenance, repair, or replacement.

If the above signs sound familiar, it could be time to replace your home’s heat pump. Call us at Sanders Home Comfort Solutions Heating & Air for heating installation and repair.

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