pureAir HVAC by GreenTech Environmental in Fountain Inn, SC

3 Benefits of pureAir HVAC by GreenTech Environmental in Fountain Inn, SC

March 25, 2021

Innovative pureAir HVAC technology significantly improves indoor air quality through proactive methods. It’s the design of GreenTech Environmental, a leader in innovative and high-quality electronics that both manages carbon footprint and improves the health and lives of people globally. Here’s a breakdown of what the device does and three benefits of pureAir HVAC by GreenTech for residents in Fountain Inn, SC.

What It Does

The pureAir technology for HVAC systems is an air sanitizer and continuous surface cleaner. It creates a healthier ecosystem utilizing technology developed by NASA for air purification.

Conventional filters clean air by having air pass through the filters. An active purifier like pureAir, on the other hand, uses advanced oxidation technology that aggressively scans your space and finds even the smallest contaminants. It then destroys them.

Why pureAir Technology

Advocating how everything we do makes a difference, GreenTech Environmental creates, supports, and distributes resources for reducing allergens, odors, bacteria, and more. Here’s what to expect.

1. Cleans and Deodorizes Indoor Air

With pureAir technology, you’ll find the air in your home noticeably fresher, and you’ll see a great reduction in household odors. Plus, the device will do wonders for asthma and other respiratory sufferers. pureAir removes allergens that aggravate their symptoms.

2. Active Radiant Catalysis

Active Radiant Catalysis (“ARC”) is a proprietary solution of GreenTech. It’s a photocatalytic oxidate that converts water vapor into hydroxyl and peroxide, which then turns moisture into an effective form of hydrogen peroxide. That process produces advanced oxidation that sanitizes air and surfaces, renders contaminants harmless, and destroys microbes.

3. Eco-Friendly Application

The pureAir HVAC prevents the spread of environmental pathogens and microorganisms. Though extremely aggressive in killing pollutants, the process is completely safe for humans, pets, and plants. All occupants will appreciate the fresh air clean of bacteria, germs, and other unwanted components.

Interested in learning more? To find out more about Greentech’s pureAir solution or other air quality issues in Fountain Inn, SC, contact our team at Sanders Home Comfort Solutions Heating & Air today!

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